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TR Exchange “No 2 Hell”

So casually we send people to HELL, you heard it right in a act of anger, you’ve sent people to a actual place, and this place is for real. This place is dark, a place of ever lasting suffering. A place the Bible describes it not made for us. In this #PODCAST, Mario and Alfred […]

TR Exchange “No to depression”

Depression and Anxiety is on grow, we just herd of some public figures commit suicide simply because they weren’t able to coup with this “illness”, we at the Exchange show are calling it what it is, these spirit attack us when less expected. Mario and Alfred talk about some personal experiences and share with us […]

TR Exchange “No to Fear”

#FEAR, can make us loose things. We must stand firm and speak against our situation. Believer forget until we stand firm and speak into the spirit of fear it will linger. Mario and Alfred speak to us on a weasel personally, conniving his way into life, taking advantage of whatever he could until, a final […]

Transit K-FE “Amor en tiempo de crisis”

El mundo de hoy esta lleno de crisis, lo podemos ver en las noticias, en las redes sociales, en la vida diaria y en nuestro alrededor pero hay crisis que no podemos ver, que no son tangibles, y son las crisis internas. Como poder encontrar el amor en esos tiempos y como el amor puede […]